Supported Projects



Grants attributed in 2021

Thierry Bobst Canopée : Green social network and algorithm guiding individuals in their sustainability process Institut de psychologie UNIL
Florian Bock Development of an Universal Pneumococcal Vaccine DMF UNIL
Josefine Tratwal MiniMarrow : Cell therapy allowing subcutaneous injection of a bio-material cultivated with bone marrow cells for in-vivo blood platelets production HEM UNIL

Grants attributed in 2020

Amalric Ortlieb Autonomyo : Intelligent walking rehabilitation CRN CHUV
Shanaz Diessler Sleep Sensor : Development of a sleep recording & diagnosis device CIG UNIL
David Nusbaumer and Christian de Guttry e-Fishency : Optimization of genetic resources for aquaculture and fish restocking DDE UNIL
Lars Backhaus Intermedici : Self-management of chronic diseases RHU CHUV
Laurent Vinet Artemis : Fighting Vein Graft Restenosis CVA CHUV

Grants attributed in 2019

Benjamin Jamot Jawslab : Développement d’un logiciel de laboratoire CNP CHUV
Birge Özel Duygan CellCognize : Rapid analysis of human gut microbiota status DMF UNIL
Loulia Kasem Rea : Development of a Smart Pad for preterm birth diagnostics Maternity CHUV
Sylvain Perriot Glial Therapeutics: Development of a stem cell-based platform for drug discovery against progressive multiple sclerosis DNC CHUV

Grants attributed in 2018

Anne-Bérengère Rocher EpiCure Pharma: Development of an anti-epileptic treatment for pharmacoresistant patients DNF UNIL
Florentin Coppey NIR Lab: portable system allowing identification and quantification of narcotic products on the field. ESC UNIL
Semira Gonseth Nussle GenKnowMe: Epigenetic blood-based tests to objectify effects of tobacco smoking and alcohol drinking. IUMSP CHUV


Grants attributed in 2017

Daniel Blessing Cardiac vectors for lncRNA-targeting therapies.                                                        Spin-off Haya Therapeutics created in 2019. Cardiology CHUV
Innovative natural fongicide to control Botrytis grey mold on fruits and vegetables .                                                           Spin-off AgroSustain Sàrl created in 2018.  DBMV UNIL

Grants attributed in 2016

An implantable system to replace lymphatic vessel draining function.                             Spin-off Lymphatica Medtech SA created in 2017. Angiology CHUV
RiskTalk: Developing easy-access, crowd-based risk communication for high-reliability organizations. HEC UNIL

Grants attributed in 2015

Image AiROS



Device for rapid detection of oxidative stress in exhaled air.                                                                   Spin-off Flares Analytics SA created in 2018. Institute for Work & Health UNIL-CHUV

Image Ezechiel


Séverine Petitprez A comprehensive, user-friendly computer tool to assist therapeutic Drug Monitoring. Pharmacology CHUV
Robert Lütjens Development of biosensors to measure neuropeptides, new tools for diagnostics useful to detect Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD). Neuroscience CHUV

 Grants attributed in 2014

Sandra Sulser 239


Standardization of Complex Human Gut Microbiome. Microbiology UNIL

Sonia Nasi 00899


Discovery of new oral drugs for the treatment of Osteoathritis. Rheumatology CHUV

KOVAL Alexey00158


WiNTech: Novel anti-Wnt molecues against triple-negative breast cancer. Pharmacology UNIL


La Hung Hui
ALPSIC: Advanced Location-based Publish/Subscribe In the Cloud.               Spin-off Matchmore SA created in 2017. HEC UNIL

 Grants attributed in 2013

Veronica Ponce De Leon 136


Ponce de León
Innovation Therapeutics: Custom-based pluripotent cells for drug screening solutions. Research Hôpital
Jules Gonin

Davide Merulla01502V2


Smart Detection: A portable solution to detect arsenic contamination in water samples. Microbiology UNIL

Gwendoline Degueurce00261


miR21*: A drug target in psoriasis and other skin diseases. CIG UNIL

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