A first patient with primary liver cancer has been treated with a technology invented at the CHUV and licensed to Biocompatibles by the PACTT

In August 2015, PACTT was pleased to announce the signature of a license agreement and a development collaboration between CHUV and Biocompatibles International plc, part of the specialist healthcare company BTG plc, for a technology developed by Professor Alban Denys at the Radiodiagnostic and Interventional Radiology Unit at the CHUV. The technology enables the treatment of liver cancer using X-ray imageable microscopic beads loaded with a targeted anti-cancer drug placed directly in the liver

The UCL Cancer Institute and BTG plc have now begun to enroll patients into the first clinical trial. For Professor Denys “it is a great satisfaction to see this technology now entering the clinical stage, providing patients with liver cancer hope for additional treatment options.”

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