Create a start-up company

You have a great idea for a new product or a new service, and you think that there is a market for commercialisation? You are driven by ambition to become an entrepreneur and you would like to venture into the business world?

UNIL and CHUV encourage entrepreneurship and  start-up initiatives!

If you are a UNIL-CHUV scientist and have a spin-off idea you can apply for InnoPACTT: a one-year spin-off grant to launch your project. Check out the InnoPACTT page.

In addition, numerous organisations support young entrepreneurs of all ages on cantonal and national levels and provide support with incubation, training, coaching, financing and more – check out our useful links.

Is your business idea based on your research at UNIL or CHUV? Get in touch with PACTT to explore whether the intellectual property can be protected.

Obtain a license on institutional intellectual property

If the start-up company is created on the basis of a technology that has been developed at the University or the University Hospital (a «spin-off company»), PACTT helps to put in place an appropriate license agreement.

NB: click here to find  additional information about commercialisation of intellectual property created within the institutions

PACTT provides the initial support

PACTT can provide initial advice on business plan, legal aspects of company creation, and rules that apply when using institutional resources. PACTT will also manage the licensed IP. Finally, PACTT can provide guidance and contacts to other organisations active in innovation and business support. See useful links for further details.

NB: Be transparent about your project. This implies the declaration of your activity (activités accessoires) and the management of potential conflict of interest situations at UNIL and CHUV (links to dedicated internal CHUV and UNIL policies). Please read these internal policies and contact us if you need advice.