Technologies transferred

Examples of products on the market :

© Lyncee Tec

Optical profiler based on Digital Holographic Microscopy with sub-nanometer resolution and no vertical scanning needed up to 10 μm.

© Philips

CT Perfusion software allowing quantifiable brain perfusion results to evaluate stroke patients.

© Sankoré

Open-Sankoré, the  first full featured Interactive Whiteboard software, is based on the Uniboard software originally developed at the University of Lausanne.

© Photocure

Hexvix is an optical imaging agent designed to enhance detection of bladder cancer, in particular carcinoma in situ.

© Terranum

Coltop3D is a full featured LIDAR data processing and analyzing software for geologists.

© Selexis

The SUREtechnology Platform™ improves the way cells are used in the discovery, development and manufacturing of recombinant proteins and drugs by providing key significant advantages over traditional approaches.


Some examples of technologies transferred

  • Hybridoma cell line expressing tumor marker specific antibodies
  • Cardiac implantable device
  • New indication in cardiology for an existing medicine
  • Parental chondrocyte cell bank for products to accelerate wound healing
  • Selective plasma activation for medical implants and wound healing devices
  • Screening method and tools for the discovery of anti-inflamatory agents
  • Monoclonal antibody to treat a rare genetic disorder