KROBS : a game to learn how to protect yourself from microbes

PACTT is pleased to announce the signature of a license agreement between CHUV and JeuPRO Sàrl for a card game focused on microbes: KROBS.

Easy to learn, mischievous, and beautifully illustrated, KROBS is an educative and entertaining card game about microbes created by Prof. Gilbert Greub, Director of the Institute of Microbiology of the University of Lausanne.

Professor Greub and his team have been working since January 2004 on new emerging pathogens. Their objective is to discover them before they cause an epidemic and thus ideally reduce the risk of associated diseases. The current knowledge of the general population on these emerging pathogens is weak. Therefore, Professor Greub had the idea of developing a game to raise public awareness about microbes and to partially cover the current lack of knowledge of the population.

KROBS is a great tool to get better at identifying germs, learn how to better protect yourself and how to deal with the risks while having fun!

To learn more about the game or to purchase it, please visit the KROBS website.

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