The inventor

An inventor is the person who is the first to create the innovative part of the invention and can prove that he or she is at the origin of the idea. He/she is clearly nominated as such in the patent application and his/her name is listed on the front page of the patent application and on the patent itself. Several inventors can be cited in a patent.

A contributor who executes the work defined by the inventor in the making of the invention is not considered as an inventor. The right to be considered as an inventor must not to be mistaken for the right to be recognized as a co-author in a scientific publication.

Laboratory Notebooks

Daily records of laboratory work are a fundamental element for proving who is the originator of an invention. Therefore, laboratory notebooks play an essential role in case of litigation concerning inventorship.

All relevant documents should be carefully archived.

N.B. Please note that authorship is not the same as inventorship. Being an author of a publication does not necessarily qualify for inventorship !